Thank you to our guests that attended the Jack O’ Lantern Journey and those that shared their experiences. 

Below captures the essence of the exhibit!

This Jack O’ Lantern walk went above and beyond my expectations. I was blown away by the displays and it really got me excited for the upcoming holiday season. I also really loved how this display was truly suitable for all ages. I will definitely return next year and highly recommend everyone to check it out!
Mackenzie G.

This was an amazing experience. It surpassed our expectations. We intend to bring a large group of people next year. Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment.
Kyle C.

Amazing. I was not expecting this journey to be as wonderful as it was. Being the first year, I was not expecting to be so decorative as it was. Above and beyond for the first year. Such talent was shown through out the journey. Looking forward to next year.
Theresa O.

The Jack O’ Lantern Journey at the Franklin Park Zoo was Amazing!! Each section brought a new surprise for us all! From all the amazing carved pumpkins, to the beautiful colored lights, to the snow, zoo animal pumpkins and facts and underwater bubbles!! You even had my Alma Marta – Northeastern represented on a pumpkin! Loved watching the pumpkin carver creating new designs live – he was incredible! Thanks for our NEW Family Tradition!
Deborah V.

We went on the very last day on 11/10 thanks to the extended date It was extremely cold and even if the weather was not ideal, it was a WONDERFUL journey. The little ones loved it, the grown-ups even more. Now that we have discovered this special event, we will go back again and again.
Deborah O.

This was beyond my expectations. The exhibits were fun and creative – my daughter loved it and had asked to go back several times. My friend and I also enjoyed it very much. Will definitely do again next year!
Katelyn B.

Amazing … enjoyable for all ages .. thanks for the experience and all your efforts.
Sama E.

The set up and the creativity was amazing!! My kids (13&9) absolutely loved it! Definitely will do it again next year!
Ingrid R.

It was such an amazing experience for my 7 year old son who was fascinated by all the pumpkins, particularly the dinosaurs that he loves so much.
Larissa G.

Way better than I anticipated. I was dreading coming here with 6 kids but it was an awesome time. Kids 2-16 had an enjoyable night. Would go back again next year.
Stephen S.

It was a very cool experience, all of the carved pumpkins were amazing, and the different themes throughout the park kept your interest the whole time.
Amanda P.

This was a WONDERFUL experience that exceeded my expectations! I can’t wait until next year!
Melinda W.

My children and I had a blast! The pumpkins were so creative and sophisticated. We will definitely be going next year!
Medina J.

It was so beautiful. The kids and adults loved it. This may be a new yearly tradition for us!
April B.

We loved the Jack O’ Lantern Journey at Franklin Park Zoo!! There were many themes with carved pumpkins, from under the sea to the planets! Huge animal carvings from multiple pumpkins! The entire journey was so magical!!
Nancy O.

Fantastic show! We had a big group of 14 people – all ages – and everyone was impressed and amazed. The displays are incredible and the experience is immersive. Some of us are heading back this weekend to see it for a second time!
Geralyn M.

I went a few days after Halloween with my boyfriend and a family friend who is deaf and blind but can see and LOVES bright lights in the dark. I wasn’t expecting much other than some cool displays, but I was 100% wrong. Cannot wait to go again next year. The staff were incredibly friendly and upbeat, the displays were unbelievable and I loved the themes (even though Berkeley College of music , my Alma mater, wasn’t a pumpkin with the Boston schools! ). The path is accessible for all abilities and the displays vary in being very close or further away. Some displays had music and other props, like bubbles, that made it even more fun. Soooo many photo opportunities from the moment you walk through the gates…gotta capture the memories! Wonderful wonderful experience….highly recommend.
Kathleen P.

Me and my kids really enjoyed this event. The pumpkins were so cool and the different colors were fun.  I’m glad the trail wasn’t on the main areas too made it more enjoyable past the treeline. My kids really loved the Disney carvings and my daughter enjoyed the butterfly ones. I really liked the haunted cemetery section. Will return next year.
Ryan K.

Really nice way to spend an evening whether to take the kids out for a nice walk, to take the grandparents on a nice stroll or to take a date out or make a great Fall date night! The path is easy to walk, displays range from singing pumpkins, dinosaurs to rock and roll stars. There’s something for everyone including pumpkins to buy or snacks after the walk. Definitely want to do it again next year.
Diane F.

Amazing experience!!! The event for Halloween!
Julia K.

Loved it! Fun for everyone. I went as an adult with no kids and I had blast –  adults will have just as much fun!
Aubrey M.

This was such a great date night for the hubby and me, it was super cool and we enjoyed every minute.
Kate G.

I loved it, all the displays were so cute and the price was reasonable.
Lisa H.

It’s a must for Halloween in Boston.
Yovaninna A.

This experience was awesome. My children and I had a GREAT time. The displays were great and organized very well-spaced out. I have been to another pumpkin journey and the displays were also good but very crowded and close to each other this causing it to feel crammed together. I just wish they had a vending kiosk for he late ticket holders…Some hot chocolate would have been perfect for the evening.
Ashley D.

Good time, staff was friendly, great pumpkin journey the carvings were really Nice, Great Job Franklin Park!
Marcos D.

My nephew had a blast!! Well worth it!
Noreily C.

Very fun! Had a blast seeing all the decorative pumpkins!
Brandon H.

It was so beautiful to walk through everything. The experience was great!
Amy H.

Amazing place!
Jennifer D.

It was awesome. My family and I had s great time.
Milagros C.

It’s was so wonderful love it.
Amanda J.

This was super cute and a lot of fun! It was about a half hour long but everything was so pretty and there was a bunch of different themes! Definitely something fun to do for Halloween if you’re in the area.
Michelle F.

It was an awesome display!
Mary M.

It was so beautiful! I would recommend it to all ages. Can’t wait until next year!
Valerie P.

Really skilled and beautiful carved pumpkins! We had an awesome time!
Jeannette S.

Amazing experience. Never seen anything like it. Hundreds of pumpkins carved perfectly to resemble real life people and characters.
Jessica S.

What a wonderful experience. My daughter and I had a wonderful time.
Ronda M.

Looks nice. I’m happy with my purchase.
Brian S.

We loved the jack o’ lanterns. The delivery was perfect and everything was great. The team members at the zoo were fantastic and we couldn’t be happier.
Eric J.

A great experience for families.
Bruce M.

My son loved it. Please do it again next year!
David M.

Great time, well done, loved the dinos!
Steve M.

Beautiful displays of lights and carved pumpkins! Great for a spooky, romantic experience.
Edward L.

Very creative and fun. Had a blast!
Bernardo Z.

Exciting experience. We really enjoy the Journey.
Haoxiang X.

It was so much fun, the displays were so colorful! The music was awesome too!!
Anne B.

Unique experience!
Maritza R.

Everything was beautiful!
Karim A.

Very good experience.
Hardik P.

It was too Amazing!
Ankita S.

Wow – I didn’t see something like this before, we enjoyed a lot!
Anand B.

Loved it! Everything was so nicely done and beautiful. My son and I loved it. Very organized and staff was very friendly.
Deborah C.

Loved the experience!
Sandesh P.

Great show. Well done.
Samantha A.

Awesome experience.
Katharina H.

The pumpkins, rides, characters, refreshments and Halloween gift shops were great. My family had a great time.
Karen B.

It was the perfect length.
Jacquelyn B.

It was really nice. I loved all the different exhibits! The music was spooky as well!
Emily C.

Thought it was great time. I have been to the pumpkins at Roger Williams Zoo in the past and was anxious about this because the other event is beyond crowded. Very happy with how the crowds were and how they kept it under control.
Rebecca H.

“Our first experience as a new family- a crisp night but very tolerable – great light displays – the kids Loved It!! It was great to be able to get hot cocoa and fried Oreo’s at the end of the journey.”
Jacqueline G.

Great job! We had an awesome time!
Timothy D.

It was very fun!!! Our favorite part was the talking pumpkins. In the cold the hot chocolate and the fried dough was really good. We loved the jack-o’ lantern show a lot!!!
Nishant M.

All the pumpkins were great. I enjoyed the different themes. Very well done. Maybe for next year have a band and more food centers at the start.
William L.

My kids had a great time! Hope the Jack O’ lantern journey offers more excitement and a different experience next year.
Anita H.

This was such a cool experience! The settings for each grouping were thoughtful/creative, even having accompanying sound effects/music. My boyfriend was even impressed and I had to drag him there. We got the tickets for 40% off, not sure I would’ve paid full price, but was totally worth what we paid. We were wishing we had brought cash for fried dough, would’ve completed our visit!
Holly M.

We had a wonderful time looking at the creative pumpkin display and the characters that entertained us while we were line was a good touch.
Sara C.

Amazing artistry!
Lisa D.

The variety of displays, the music, & the designs were incredible!! Can’t believe that I just read this was the 1st year doing this. It didn’t show to be. GREAT work done by all!! I took my sister & my autistic nephew during the night of a Red Sox playoff game so it wasn’t crowded (which was good for him) and we enjoyed the whole thing immensely!!
Elizabeth H.

It was wonderful and very creative!
Anshuman G.

It was a beautiful set up, with gorgeous displays accompanied by suitable fun music. It was truly magical.
Rona S.

Really enjoyed the experience. Exceeded our expectations!
Danielle R.

We brought our 3 year old grandson and he couldn’t stop talking about it when he saw his parents.
Paul L.

Awesome! We loved it! I wish there were more dinner options at the zoo. The food available was horrendous.
Christine L.

Very well done! Everything was perfect! Staff was friendly and helpful with any questions!
Kayla M.

We loved it I hope that you do it again very awesome and my grandson can’t stop talking about it!
Gina S.

My family enjoyed seeing all the beautifully designed pumpkins. We definitely plan on attending next year.
Geovanny T.

Awesome display of pumpkins! I bought VIP tickets so I didn’t have to wait in any lines so it was perfect! Looking forward to going again next year! Way better than Roger Williams display and better organized.
Christine C.

Pretty awesome 🙂
Bernabe C.

Amazing sculptures, it was really fun for the kids.
Kornelia P.

My family and I loved the experience! You guys did an awesome job with the pumpkins.
Arlene C.

Really had a wonderful time. We brought our 2 grandchildren and they loved it.. will go next year. Hoping to make it a family tradition.
Theresa D.

It was beautiful and very creative.
Diana G.

I always try to find different/interesting things to do with my boyfriend for date night, I have always heard about Jack O’ Lantern Journey and wanted to experience it with him. It was amazing and so creative. I will go again next year for sure with my niece and nephew.
Vany V.

Spectacular! Must see!
Suneetha K.

I enjoyed it even if it was an extremely cold night, very well done design for adults and kids.
Carla D.

Awesome!!! We had a great time.
Tinamarie C.

It was a wonderful experience with the whole family. Job well done!
Bernadette A.

Beautiful set up. Very smooth experience. Will definitely go back!
Michael D.

Beautiful and unique; my family loved it!
Jillian S.

It was wonderful. Lots of different carvings. Liked how it was set up by themes. Very well put together.
Karen C.

Our family which included an 8 yr old and 5 yr old loved it. There was a theme for everyone, young and old… sharks, dinosaurs, a little spooky scare crows, a castle. The pacing of the people viewing lanterns was just right. We hope to return next year. Only suggestion would be better bar code management on cell phones.
Elizabeth B.

Can’t wait to come back next yrs soooooo AWESOME LOVED IT!
Valerie S.

Kids and adults both loved it.
Paul D.

I loved the Jack O’ lantern journey!! Very nicely done and a great venue at the Franklin Park Zoo!!
Alexandria H.

Lots to see, great set up and path. Wasn’t too crowded.
Jenna B.

I really enjoyed the Jack O Lantern Journey. The displays we’re well done and clever. Even the music was on theme for each display. I especially enjoyed the singing pumpkins. So fun. Thank you.
Julia W.

Lovely displays and a nice learning experience at the end on how to do this.
Joseph R.

It was beautiful!
Carrie M.

IT was amazing! The artwork in the pumpkins and the way everything was set up was beautifully done!
Hilary C.

A wonderful experience!! The Jack O’ Lantern Journey was laid out well and was so fun. Such creativity!!
Carla C.

It was awesome!
Kirsten G.

Always a great time with amazing pumpkins and professional and courteous staff!
Joseph F.

It was great!!!!
Diana A.

Better than I expected. The game of music and colors was incredible.
Silvia T.

Perfect for Halloween.
Caroline A.

Loved the underwater exhibit with music and lights.
Denise H.

We came late in the season, but would have appreciated having the opportunity to buy some cider or hot chocolate. We also visited in a pouring rain storm, so I understand that it would not make much sense to sell treats when turn out will be low.
Michael B.

Absolutely loved the variety! But needed more “snow” scenes. Kids really loved the snow but it was very crowded and hard to get pictures there.
Christine P.

We (five people, ages 21-26) went on the first night and it was incredible! Our favorite parts were the tree, the winter area, and the dinosaurs! The only thing we wished for was some form of a beer garden for us to hang out after we walked the trail.
Matthew T.

Didn’t feel overcrowded, plenty of room on the path. Excellent pumpkin display, especially the animal carvings.
Kristen C.

We had a great time and were fascinated with all of the displays. I also liked that it was timed so that it was much more manageable.
Robert R.

Thought it was wonderful. Would have liked couple more snack/food options.
Tanya S.

It was just MAGICAL! Very friendly staff, happy families and beautiful pumpkins with so much local flavor. We loved it.
Kathleen M.

Amazing for the kids and adults! Looking forward to next year!
Stephaine P.

We all had a great time 🙂
Amie S.

It was excellent! Very creative! Something for everyone!
Nicole L.

Even the Cold Chill couldn’t stop the children from loving the Event!
Kenneth G.

First time and it was amazing. Will be doing this years to come with my son.
Kacthary S.

It was so magical! We loved it, especially the underwater sea scene and my son was obsessed with the dinosaurs.
Allison M.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was definitely a good experience. Met our friends with similar age tween daughter and the girls had a great time checking out all the displays. It was really amazing and well done.
Jacqueline S.

A wonderful night for the kids.. loved it… thanks
Richard D.

So cool! can’t wait till next year!
Susana B.

This was much better than I expected. All ages will enjoy this. Very creative. Lots and lots of lights. I plan to go again next year if they will be doing this again.
Deborah B.

Elizabeth H.

So much fun! Loved the singing jack o’ lanterns!
Catherine S.

A great experience! We loved that entries were staggered by varying time slots so the trail never became overcrowded.
Wendy F.

So much fun for all ages!
Betsy G.

We took advantage of the VIP ticket which gave us flexibility with weather and timing……and no line! The pumpkins were super cool with something for everyone. The singing pumpkins were our son’s favorites.
Bronte A.

The journey was exceptional!! My entire family loved it.
Sharma R.

Such a fun experience for our entire family! Would do it again next year.
Nichole H.

Impressive for the first year.
Lindsey J.

Amazing time! Such talented artists.
Laurie J.

Loved it! The only challenge was finding the entry to the path. The sports & endangered species themes resonated with me.
Sarah F.

It was so cool! The kids loved it!!!
Meghan M.

Well organized, great display we loved it.
Lisa Y.

It was great!
Grace H.

Great exhibit!
Amit S.

Deborah A.

Great time awesome displays.
Megan K.

Beautiful, my whole family loved it!
Lauren S.

This was a really fun experience! My kids loved it and I was really impressed by the creativity of the jack o’ lanterns. I hope it comes back next year and I hope Franklin Park Zoo hosts more events like this.
Ryan K.

It was very well done! Would love to come back next year.
Christina C.

A beautiful, fun, and festive family evening at the zoo!
Sophie K.

It was a very good experience.
Carolina L.

My son and I had a wonderful time and I will definitely be coming back again. The pumpkin carvings were incredible and I liked that there was different themed music for the different displays. My son was so excited throughout the whole journey.
Caroline P.

The experience was wonderful! The pumpkins and lights and displays were truly amazing.
Stephanie H.

“Absolutely loved this event at the zoo! It was extremely well organized and the pumpkins did not fail to impress. It was a great experience for my 4yr and myself and husband alike. My only criticism would be the parking. It was difficult once we arrived to navigate where to park and once we did, we had difficulty deciphering where to walk to get to the zoo. When we left, we drove up a one way erroneously due to no signage about how to exit the area.”
Adrienne C.

My family enjoyed it a lot! My favorite part was where all the pumpkins were on the ground and also hanging from the large tree(the one with the dead impala). I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of line, but I expect as the event gets more popular then we’ll probably have to deal with that.
Donna I.

Absolutely LOVED it!!! SO much fun!!!
Gary P.

So fun. My kids loved it. Really well done!
Nicole M.

Jack O’ Lantern Journey was awesome will go back next year?
Susan O.

Excellent show. Excellent artists. We enjoyed the show enormously, for a cheap price.
Editha P.

The night turned out to be a success; even with the long lines. The actual “pumpkin Journey” was longer than expected and I felt that we went through fast! My family and I had a wonderful time (ages 3-16).
Matt A.

So much fun for the whole family. A great way to spend the centering celebrating the season. Can’t wait for next year!!
Rebecca S.

It was amazing!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!!
Kathryn A.

Enjoyed the entire experience, lights, music, and merry go round.
Bonnie M.

Awesome for people of all ages!
Danielle B.

I was fun, a little pricey but fun.
Joseph B.

I absolutely loved this experience! The exhibits were so beautiful and I loved the themed sections. The jack o’ lanterns were so impressive. I only wish I had time to go through it again! 10/10 recommend.
Paige C.

“Lines were orderly; everyone was respectful and the distance between stops made it possible for a large group of people to enjoy the display without bottlenecks. Favorite display was the first big tree with all the lights on it and pumpkins around it. Hope it will happen again next year; would definitely come back and invite friends.”
Katherine B.

Absolutely wonderful!!!
Veronica B.

Everything was beautiful, the sculptures looked so real and the attention to detail was amazing. I especially loved the carving of the Boston skyline.
Dan D.

Fantastic displays and fun accompanying music!
Georgia M.

Amazing Experience!
Shama T.

So much better outside…. Son loved the solar system…. Can’t wait for next years….
Jason S.

Even better than I expected!
Lori W.

I usually go to the Roger Williams Zoo to see the pumpkins but this year I went to the Franklin Park Zoo. I’ve never seen life size pumpkin carvings/sculptures before. It wowed me beyond belief. I will definitely be going back next year.
James M.

Great Halloween experience. The pumpkins were amazing.
Carolyn S.

My daughter & I had wonderful time the carvings on the Jack ‘o lanterns were so beautifully executed. My favorite and yet the saddest exhibits were the animal carved jack ‘o lanterns displaying the plight of endangered animals.
Loraina M.

Awesome experience, very well curated. I would definitely go again!
Christopher W.

My son and I had a great time. It was very creative and thoroughly enjoyable.
Naren C.

What an incredible time! Our family enjoyed this Halloween experience at the franklin park zoo. We can’t wait to come next year!!
Brian S.

Would definitely go again.
Simone R.

“Well organized. The kids (9) had a great time. We plan to attend next year. Thank you for a fun filled evening.”
Joyce O.

Our girls (5 and 10) loved this! Easy to go and walk the path with two active kids and a newborn. Tickets were a little pricey, we took advantage of the 40% off promo that was advertised the day of. That price was reasonable. Even as awesome as it was, the regular prices were way too high. But the experience was great, Halloween is my girls’ favorite and there were SO many jack-o-lanterns! The love theme ones with Tom Brady and Gisele and (a VERY poorly carved!) Beyoncé and JayZ made me nauseous, but other than that, very cool.
Melissa Q.

The kids had an amazing time! We loved the extra effects, like music, snow and bubbles! A special experience for the entire family!
Caitlin M.

The displays were amazing, perfect for all ages and just the right length.
Gail B.

Grandchildren really enjoyed the exhibits. The displays were beautiful and interesting.
Donna S.

I loved that it was so different from the Roger Williams one, so that people can enjoy both! The large creations were stunning!
Sara D.

A fall must-do. Can’t wait till next year! A new tradition for sure.
Jill R.

It was an awesome experience. Totally worth it.
Isha G.

I loved the different themes. The projector show was a riot!
Cassandra B.

Totally loved it! Kids loved it too. The lights and pumpkins were so magical that you just had to smile the whole time!
Stacie W.

Great experience! Loved this self-guided tour of all the Jack O Lanterns. They were amazing & spectacular! Told lots of people about this & hope to be back next year.
Sally G.

This was a fun activity. We are all adults and enjoyed the beauty and festive decor.
Diane B.

You exceeded our expectations — fantastic displays of jack-o-lanterns and it was nice to have some other activities and a few snacks available. We plan to make it an annual fall tradition!
Laurie F.

I brought my son and his family. I don’t know who enjoyed it more, him and his wife or the kids! They all thought it was awesome as did I!
Ellen B.

1st time going, it was perfect. Best part it was in my backyard. Definitely coming back next year.
Susan F.

Great show.

This was far superior to other displays in neighboring states. Your paths are cement and well-lit for children and older people. The displays were nicely thematic. Parking seemed easy albeit we were there on a Red Sox TV night. Cocoa in your on site eatery was authentic tasting. Loved that many of your workers were costumed. Hard to find anything negative to say. Appreciated that VIP tix allowed us to enter whenever.
Regina P.

Amazing artistry! My husband and I loved it, and so did all three of our (very young) kids.
Regan B.

A little bit overpriced and we were the first group but had to wait so if I had children with me I would not want to be in the later groups as it would be past their bedtime. Love the concept and pumpkins were amazing.
Keara G.

Amazing event and fabulous website.

Awesome show!!

Great show! My family and friends loved the artwork and sculptures these artist produced! A must see 🙂
Dayna D.

I went to Jack O’ Lantern Journey the weekend before Halloween and absolutely LOVED it!! It was a great way to get into the Halloween spirit and witness some really cool pumpkin art at the same time. My favorite display was the dinosaur theme where they had amazingly realistic pumpkin skeletons. There was also a cool music display where the artists made it look like the pumpkins were singing Halloween music! (It’s a little hard to describe, but believe me it was really neat and fun). All in all, this is a great family activity, especially if you’ve got little kids. 5/5 from me!
Meg B.

Fantastic show! We had a big group of 14 people – all ages – and everyone was impressed and amazed. The displays are incredible and the experience is immersive. Some of us are heading back this weekend to see it for a second time!
Geralyn M.

What a great time! Pumpkins were amazing and staff was so friendly. My husband liked the pumpkin carvings and apple cider doughnuts. It was well worth the price. Great “date night” for us!
Carole D.

Very creative and fun! It’s definitely a fun and festive way to get into the spirit of halloween, and fall in general. I’ll definitely make it a yearly tradition.
Sarah T.

My kids and I had a blast at jack o lantern journey. The pumpkins were amazing and my kids couldn’t wait to get to each section of the journey. The princesses and other photo ops just made it that much better!
Jena R.

Was a magical visual experience. wonderful for kids of all ages and adults alike. Would definitely make this an annual celebration for Halloween for the family.
Gardi A.

They do a fantastic job with this. We had such a great time checking out all the jack o lanterns. Look forward to coming back again!
Tim D.

For a first year event this was amazing. I would like to see this grow for next year. The walking path was great, but having more games for the little kids would be great, and having more food options too. They ran out of fried dough, and just the short time I was standing in line for hot chocolate they had to turn away about 15 people. For a first run it was amazing and I hope it gets even better next year!
Lucas A.

My family and I enjoyed the journey, very much. It was fun and exciting. It was so pretty and bright. We enjoyed the different displays and music. We decided to make it a family outing next year too.
Tracey B.

Best show out there! love the awesome pumpkins and professional staff!
Joseph F.

Really well laid out with exceptional displays. IT WAS MAGICAL. The staff were extremely courteous. The walkway was well laid out. I’m confused by the folks who say they were in and out in 15 minutes. We were the just over an hour. We weren’t crawling but we did stop to appreciate everything!
Felicia H.

My mother and I enjoyed our visit to the Jack O ‘Lantern Journey. There is no way people who took the time to actually stop, look, and enjoy the displays were done in 15 minutes. We went on a Sunday and it was not crowded at all. My only complaint, and it’s nitpicking, would be that there was nobody that checked for our tickets, so it kinda felt like I wasted $72 when I basically could have walked in for free. Like I said, that’s nitpicking, as I would never expect to walk in for free, LOL.
Natasha H.

Very cute! Lots of Jack ‘o lanterns to see and my toddler loved it.
Olivia H.

This event was very well done. Very creative and just long enough and exciting enough for all ages. Older kids looked forward to what the next theme was going to be.
Michele L.

It was my first time at the jack o lantern journey at Franklin park zoo
Abdal B.

Enjoyed it and would do it again for the reduced price. Long lines for a relatively quick tour but they did an excellent job with it. Great take on a nice evening! Wish there were more things to do….
Yvonne L.

I was there with an individual with autism, and the staff were so accommodating and ensured everyone was able to enjoy this event! Great time, wonderful family event!
Krystie F.

Really fun, creative Halloween activity for all ages.
Danielle R.

A great experience for the whole family. Lots of variety and different themes with the carvings. Would definitely go back!
Danielle B.

Delightful experience, not crowded, jack o’ lantern tree at the start was magical! would love some more food vendors later into the evening – by the time we went (9:45) the concession stand was closed. look forward to returning next year!
Lara H.

Beautiful and Enchanting!
Marie K.

The entire exhibit is impressive, but not too lengthy that kids would get bored. It’s perfect for kids over the age of 3.
Nital P.

Jack o lantern journey was a lot of fun my friends and saw lot of very well hand crafted pumpkins and it’s tremendous how much work they went through just to make this a fun journey. And I would highly recommend this event for anyone who wants to experience the tremendous art work of the pumpkin carvers because they do such a great job.
Grant B.

Amazing Halloween experience!
Ken M.

I highly recommend Jack O’ Lantern Journey. It was such a fun and magical experience. My favorite part was the Under the Sea theme and the pumpkin scarecrows!
Mishka C.

Took my family and we had an AMAZING time.
Annette B.

This was an amazing showcase of art and craft set in a fun & festive outdoor environment. Highly recommend to families for fun!
Jennifer K.

Incredibly fun, unique, family friendly event! I highly recommend going for a nice Saturday/Sunday outing in the midst of a beautiful fall day! 10/10!!! Definitely will be going back next year!!
Michaela P.

I absolutely recommend Jack O Lantern Journey! So amazing and totally worth it 🙂
Laura B.

The memories that were made that evening, will last in our family album and in our hearts and minds forever. I came there along with my children and my grandchildren. What was so amazing was that the appeal it had for all ages. The expressions on my kids’ faces, the comments, the favorites, lead to discussions around the dinner table. It was Terrific!!
Hedy W.

A wonderful experience for both young and old!!! It was a well-organized event offering thrills and chills for all.
Dorothy W.

Great entertainment for all ages. Beautiful!
Sandi G.

A great event to go to. Awesome!
Amy W.

Absolutely incredible fun night and simply amazing.
Pam P.

I definitely recommend the Jack O’ Lantern Journey. I went with my family and kids and we all were mesmerized by the awesome pumpkins. What a wonderful event, a definite must see!!!
Jodi F.

So cute!!
Emily S.

Fun display! Definitely worth the Groupon price.
Rachel B.

Worth the Groupon price for sure. Cool display.
Courtney D.

We had a great time!! Fun way to start off Halloween season! Love for home (Las Vegas) to do an event like this!
Jodi M.

Carved pumpkins were amazing! Only downside was it seemed that the space reserved for the trail and displays was too large. There was a lot of empty space at the end of the trail with the ice carver randomly placed in the middle of nowhere.
Aimee Y.

It might be helpful if there was more assistance/direction with finding parking.
Michelle G.

“I ended up going on the best day and time. Your discount Sunday and the last entrance … cheapest. So it was worth it with no line and best price. It wasn’t that huge and I would have been deeply disappointed if I would have paid the regular price. (Not a Great bang for the buck at The regular price.)”
Michele C.

Had a wonderful family time, 4 generations went together.
Estelle M.

I had a lot of fun it was a very magical experience. I wish it was just a little bit longer though. My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun regardless.
Sotheany L.

Wish it had been longer. Loved the tree in the beginning. I liked the pumpkin headed scarecrows, and the pumpkins with singing faces projected on them. I wish the carnival scene had been spookier.
Kathryn B.

Great experience – carved pumpkins very creative.
Faith N.

Some Displays were lacking that “wow!” Factor.
Ellen P.

I really enjoyed taking my two godsons before Halloween. He loved seeing everything. I’m glad I got the discount tickets because I don’t think I would of paid full price for it because I found it expensive.
Jacklyn P.

Was a nice jaunt with the kids after dinner … its a pretty long trail too. The jack ‘o lanterns was very nice and creative!
Sheroneik H.

This was a great experience, and should definitely be on everyone’s annual holiday tradition list.
Margaret F.

I really liked the attention to detail and accuracy in all the pumpkin, My favorite pumpkins were the dinosaurs and ocean creatures.
Stephanie S.

We loved seeing all the different carvings. They were beautiful. My favorite was the “pumpkin tree”. Absolutely beautiful. My only complaint is when we purchased the tickets, they told us to arrive 15 minutes prior to our time and we did only to find out they were behind. We had a 6:30pm show. While in line they were JUST starting to let the 6:15pm show in. We didn’t end up actually entering until 7:00pm which kind of stunk since I had my daughter with me and she had to go to school the next day. We got home well after 9:00pm. Now I know, next year I’ll pick an earlier show that way if there are any delays we’ll be okay.
Sabrina T.

The displays were really nice. I wish the trail had been longer in length. Maybe a larger-scale light show in the middle would be a good addition. Better signage of bathroom (a shortcut to the bathroom could have been made. It was blocked off). We had to go out to go to the bathroom.
Jill C.

The display was very nice. Thank you for the free pumpkins on the last day. Only thought is to offer warm beverages both at the beginning and middle of the circuit, and the circuit should be a full loop. Hot cocoa/coffee for sale at either entrance.
Jason S.

I had fun. The scenes were delightful and hope to go again next year.
Gregory A.

The path should bring you in closer to main tree – that was the best part! The sponsored pumpkin exhibits seemed out to place.
Amanda R.

We enjoyed it lots.
Fatmata S.

The pumpkins were cool and clever and really nice looking, but a lit path or a map would have been helpful because w didn’t know where to go and once we went the wrong way and a zoo staff person had to chase us down, which made me feel stupid.
Laurie M.

Very nice. Enjoyed my time just wish the path was longer.
Jennelyn L.

It was a great journey, only thing I wish there was the African American princess so my daughter can see. The displays of the pumpkin carvings were wonderful.
Myrca A.

Overall, it was a great experience! The artwork was spectacular! The wait to actually get into the trail was too long but that was my only complaint.
Danielle K.

It was good and beautiful but short.
Eyleen S.

It was good but I enjoyed the year that it was indoors more. I feel like there was so much more to see when it was indoors. I did really enjoy the bubbles at the under the water scene and the snow foam in the winter wonderland scene. It was nice that it wasn’t all Halloween themed. I also really enjoyed the different music that played at every stop and the Halloween music that played in the background before and after the walk-through.
Katie R.

The only issue was the confusion with the line while going into the zoo and the fact that there was a line at all to get in to the are with all the lights. Didn’t think. It would be like that with set time tickets.
Jessica B.

“Overall, we had a very good time. The displays were very nice. The pumpkins were awesome. Parking and walkways to and from parking need better lighting. Directions/signs to restrooms are needed. I was disappointed that the displays ended and then you have to walk back to the front with limited lighting and nothing to see. I liked getting a free pumpkin as we like to roast the seeds.”
Jeffrey T.

Had a good time. Unfortunately, through no fault of yours, I lost a diamond stud earring somewhere on one of the paths. Totally enjoyed the display, though.
Linda P.

Me and my family loved it. I wish it last a little bit longer, but it was impressive to see all those carved pumpkins, they were perfectly carved! Another thing that I don’t like was the parking situation. Very difficult, to find a spot. Anyways, I would recommend it!
Andrew S.

The whole family loved it!
Leanne C.

A great family experience or for anyone who simply wishes to enjoy the autumn and Halloween seasons. The staff were friendly and helpful while the pumpkin carver on the grounds was a really nice touch as well!
Daniel N.

Interesting and enchanting in parts. I am glad we got the half price tickets though – and even that was a little expensive.
Patrick M.

Loved the trail and all of the creative sections! However, the trail seemed short and there could’ve been at least another section before reaching the exit.
Elvira M.

Really enjoyed the display and the fair food & hot cocoa was a nice touch for a cold evening! I think the tickets may be a little overpriced to be able to visit each year but it was something different & unique to see this Halloween!
Christine P.

We took our granddaughters and they had a good time. I thought it was too expensive.
Donna A.

I thought the pumpkins ended up being really cool, the walk seemed to start out a little slow though. There was also a lot of empty space. I loved the ice carving design and talking to the pumpkin carver. Maybe a little more activities at the start would be nice.
Theresa T.

I was pretty surprised by how many fake pumpkins there were. I was expecting them all to be real – I guess it’s hard to keep them fresh/keep critters away. The pumpkin tree was absolutely stunning though.
Sarah C.

I thought it was great and my 5 year old niece enjoyed it. I do think they should allow you in at 5:30 pm if that is time you purchased tickets. I did not appreciate having to wait an extra 30 minutes in the cold and windy evening just for it to get dark. There was no notice about this on the tickets. It is easy to find out what time the sun will set. If they want people to wait, they should adjust the time of the tickets sales.
Teresa R.

“We had so much fun at the Jack-o-lantern journey. The displays are incredibly well done and it is a fun time for all ages. I would highly recommend it to everyone! Bring your camera for some great picture opportunities. The only thing is I think there should be a little more notice when it is going to close soon because when we were walking out they just started turning off all of the lights. There were people still behind us coming out and I think this was a little unsafe.”
Jennifer K.

Great exhibit looking forward to next year. Wondering where you got the illuminated pumpkins with pictures in them. Would love to have one made up for a wedding next fall.
Sheila W.

Overall it was a good experience and the pumpkins were great. We have been to several of these over the years at the Seaport, Roger Williams Zoo, etc. I think the layout was good, but I would encourage you to extend the displays around the entirety of the zoo. When we left the trail it was a “boring” walk past the aviary and the playground back to the main field. I am sure over time it will continue to get better and better. Maybe some of the “regular” pumpkins could be spread around that area. I just thought of this suggestion, have you considered offering a pumpkin carving station where guests can carve a pumpkin for a small fee and that pumpkin can be added to the display? Maybe you have it and I missed it? I also think the entrance to the zoo could have been a little more “Jack O Lanterned”.
John M.

We really enjoyed the display of pumpkins. The time management of the crowd could have been better dispersed. There was a whole big group early on (we were in the 2nd time slot of the evening) so it was very crowded when we first walked through. However, we went back through a second time about an hour later and no one was walking through at that time and it was sooooo much better. Also, it was kind of annoying that there was like a tour group walking through and stopping in a big group, blocking the walkway with tour guide holding a bright flashlight – distracted from the overall feel. Overall, we enjoyed.
Christie B.

Very creative pumpkins made for an awesome family event. We really enjoyed it.
Luis M.

Unique and a great family event.
Clara H.

It was a great display! Wish it were a bit longer. Would like to see other activities for children going on during the event…more characters dressed up, music, small games, etc.
Emile T.

We loved to see the interrogate designs on the pumpkins and the way it was presented through the days. But we came in on a rainy day so we couldn’t spend time admiring everything. Maybe that day the park could have been closed. Apart from that, this was amazing and we would love to come next year too!
Kavita M.

I was glad you added earlier hours to accommodate younger children. It was very appropriate for the younger crowd. I was disappointed there was no member rate until later after I had already attended. It was very expense. I also didn’t see food and beverages or interactive experiences as was advertised aside from the ice sculptor.
Joanne M.

“We loved the entire exhibit especially the singing Jack-o’-Lantern trio. The only negative was that we exited on the far side of the zoo and didn’t readily know how to get back to where we’d parked. It involved an uncomfortable 20-minute hike on an isolated sidewalk next to heavy traffic followed by an isolated and poorly lit path that veered into the woods surrounding the zoo. It would have been helpful to know that we should have exited where we entered.”
Judith G.

The pumpkin displays were amazing and the themes flowed very well. Enjoyed the refreshments that you could purchase before you started your walk. The only downfall was that it seemed very quick. The website said giver yourself 45 minutes to an hour and a half for the full experience. We walked at a pretty slow pace as to take everything in and we were done in 20 minutes.
Alicia G.

The price was expensive
Arsen A.

Enjoyable and artistic. Too short of a trail for the original price. Glad I got a Groupon!

Was disappointed that they weren’t real pumpkins.
Melissa M.

It was too short exhibition. it would’ve been better if the ticket was cheaper than what it was or longer exhibition.
Hyejin P.

The display itself was great. It would have been great if the website had had more information about where in the zoo the exhibit started. Parents with small kids need to be able to plan for a long walk! It also seemed like the website promised more and different food than was actually available. Finally, the line to get in was a drag if you weren’t expecting it. This all gets back to better managing people’s expectations.
Alexa P.

Was disappointed to find out that we bought tickets for a certain time slot, only to have to wait 1.5 hours in line anyways. Don’t understand what the point of time-slot ticketing was. Also, thought the exhibit could have been longer (spread the existing pumpkins further). Would have liked to have seen some animals. Much preferred what the Denver Zoo does for Halloween.
Shellie K.

It was pretty good but all the fake pumpkins took the fun out of it. Definitely not anything like the Roger Williams Zoo.
Deanna M.

The only problem was I brought my 4 grandkids and we had 7:15 tics but they were letting everyone no matter what time tics were in so had to wait 1 hr to see so I think members should get 50 percent off any event I could of saved 50 bucks by buying my tickets at 9:30.
Liz Umlah

“Crowded. You need to work better for crowd control. We were let in 45 mins after the time on our ticket. People were almost stomping on each other .Too many strollers running into to you. Tough to see anything when a large crowd of people was let in at once. (however it was past our allotted time). Perhaps limit strollers to the earlier hours so you don’t get hit by them and can see them better -harder in darker areas.. Maybe spread out the display more to allow crowds to disperse better. Better signage. We came in the wrong entrance to the park, and had to walk clear across the park to get into the journey entrance. Had to ask multiple times where to go. Also restrooms at entrance or exit would be nice. Many workers did not know where they were or if they would be open. Staff should be educated better about the logistics of the event, where to go, restrooms, etc. On the plus side, the pumpkins were wonderful. It would have been nice to be able to get closer to some to better see the detail. I loved the whole theme concept of a number of displays, like the sea area. My husband liked the detailed faces (Dracula, etc).
Brenda D.

The attraction was nice but I realized it was quite short and not as many artistic pumpkins for the price of the tickets. I would definitely go again or recommend it to people if the price was cheaper.
Phenny L.

The line to get in was too long. I thought the point of times entry was that we wouldn’t need to wait? I was very glad we didn’t have small kids with us. It seemed like the majority of the pumpkins were not real. Loved the big tree when you got in, but the path was shorter than I expected. We spent the same amount of time waiting for entry as we did walking through (about 30 min each).
Amanda B.

Just a little too pricey for us to do it again. Parking wasn’t well lit or marked. Display was nice. Would have been nice to have more animal exhibits available too.
Karen C.

The line situation was out of control. The wait to actually see the pumpkins was insane. However we were not Crowded when we finally got in.
Stephanie B.

Good. Friendly staff.
Barbara L.

The Jack O’ Lanterns were cool and it was worth going one time. But it was a lot of waiting in line. At least half the time we were there we were in line. And I felt it was over priced for what we got out of it.
Shayna K.

The Jack O Lantern displays were great, but we waited over an hour to get the the start- despite showing up at our start time.
Diana H.

Lines were too long.
May S.

Cool experience and fun for all ages but small display for the cost. We were thru the display in 25 minutes.( children range from age 11-15) Glad I did not pay full price for my family of 5. Best for younger children who might want to mingle a bit longer… also make note not all pumpkins are fresh, many are made of foam. A neat holiday take if you don’t mind a hefty price tag.
Jennifer M.

“Our party had 4 people, ages ~24 – 30. We arrived about 20 minutes early, entered through Zebra entrance. The signage to turn to actually get to the Journey must have blown over in the wind or something, because it wasn’t until we nearly reached the Giraffe entrance that we decided that we probably missed it. The entire park was pretty empty, just a few patrons and staff wandering around. Eventually we got to the correct Journey area. We, and another party of about 6 were stopped by a staff member, maybe 400 feet into the Journey asking to see our tickets. We all showed, then they explained that they were about to close (yet we had tickets stating that we were that at our time). The staff followed us all from a distance on a golf cart. So we felt pressured to move as quickly as possible through the whole Journey, which was not fantastic. The pumpkins and show itself were all fantastic, however, and I would recommend it– but I guess just earlier in the night? :/”
Stephen R.

Was surprised most were not real. I’ve done other venues using real products …still enjoyable.
Greg T.

It was beautiful. We went on a Sunday night, no wait at all. We just found it very pricey for 20 minutes of entertainment. Rides and hot chocolate should have been included for that price, or lower price.
Michelle P.

I thought it was ok, compared to other Halloween adventures that we have been to.
Mark R.

“I give them three stars because there are a lot of little pumpkins, a few themes here and there, then the facts about animals that provide awareness for everyone. Compared to the Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular in RI, though, it’s not worth the cash. It was a nice family outing until we went to grab something at the food stand and the woman serving didn’t really even want to give us the time of day – the doors were open to go on the inside so we thought we could go in and get food to sit down, she didn’t even acknowledge us so we went back outside to get food; chicken tenders, fries and a drink was $15 and it was cold. We packed the food to go just so we didn’t waste our money but I doubt anyone will even eat it. One highlight is, I assume he was a manager, came out and gave my son a souvenir cup after his meltdown which was really nice.
This is great for locals, especially since it’s once a year, but I’d say if you have the means head to RI.”
Tasia C.

Most of the pumpkins are not real. The pumpkins that were real were already rotted so I would advise going earlier (like when they first open). Some of the display lights did not work so we did not get to see the underwater scene. Not a lot of activities offered either besides the trail.
Ashley H.

We were disappointed to see that many of the jack o lanterns were fake. That took away from the experience and made the walk much less enjoyable.
Jade C.

Based on the pictures and description I thought there would of been wayyyyy more real pumpkins on display. For the price, this was a huge disappointment.
Susan S.

It was cool, but I have to admit I was extremely disappointed when I got there and realized that most of the jack o’ lanterns were fake. Everyone else that I know who went said that they also felt let down and disappointed when they saw the jack o’ lanterns were fake. I thought this was going to be a great work of art with all the hand carved pumpkins but that was not the case at all.
Tyler G.

The show was amazing but the lines were ridiculous. We showed up early and waited an hour after our ticket time.
Elizabeth W.

Overpriced for VIP access.
Fareed K.

We have been to Roger Williams Pumpkin patch several times and chose you for a change. I was a big disappointment. Wasn’t spooky or interesting at all. It was too spread out. Not a very good use of space.
A big disappointment.”
Joanmarie D.

Seemed as though the majority of the pumpkins were not real. It’s an expensive outing and we were expecting real pumpkins. The ones that were real were not intricately carved.
Morgan S.

Ok so we bought tickets for the sat before Halloween only to have it cancelled because of weather. No refunds is just bull shit for something like that because we had to use or lose our tickets which at this point means going AFTER Halloween, to a Halloween event. Just silly. So you get there and it’s just so half assed for $28 a ticket. No signs at night for the zoo. No mention on the street anywhere that it’s even open or where to park etc. just no customer service on that aspect. And like so many not real pumpkins…. I just won’t go back- what a scam you have going and brilliant to lick people in by not giving refunds.
Tonya C.

Not enough real jack ‘o lanterns.
Kristin H.

After the fact I noticed that someone in California had basically the same jack o lanterns at their experience, I found that disheartening. I wish there weren’t go many “fake” pumpkins. Crowd control was not great, so you had to wait around to just start walking. But that’s only because people stop and start taking pictures without thinking of those people right behind them. Bottleneck. Also there were no cider donuts. Sad.
Jennifer M.

We have been going to the one in Providence every year and thought we would try this one this year. I just feel the one in Providence is better done and more entertaining.
Andrea J.

Didn’t hate it but def wasn’t worth the money. Hardly any of the pumpkins were real. Didn’t compare to the Roger Williams one.
Arianna F.

Was pretty disappointed that the pumpkins weren’t real. I know that some of the individual pumpkins were but sad the sculptures were made of plastic or something.
Matt R.

I was trying to be nice and not respond but now that you have asked me 4 times to I will. While it was interesting to see, I was disappointed that there were no animals incorporated being at the zoo and MOST OF THE PUMPKINS WERE FAKE! If I’m I am expected to pay as much money as you charged I want to be wowed! And expect more than just cardboard light ups. Thank goodness I came on a 40% off day because I would have been REALLY upset if I paid full price.
Becky B.

This is a poorly manufactured Instagram event. I was expecting to see hand-carved pumpkins, and it was mostly plastic pumpkins. The irony was that the few hand-carved pumpkins that were there were obviously done by amateurs.
Jennifer L.

90 percent were fake… it really takes no effort to buy plastic pumpkins. It takes love and talent to carve and display them! This was really insulting.
Kathy C.

It is difficult to craft an accurate reflection of our Jack O’ Lantern Journey experience — since all we saw was a dark, locked zoo. The web site actually allowed us to by VIP tickets for a night the zoo and JO’LJ was closed. After driving in from Lowell, and booking a hotel in Boston so we could stay late and enjoy ourselves, we had to flag down a local (VERY nice) Boston police officer to find out the JO’LJ was not open on Tuesday. We were joined in speaking with this police officer by another couple who experienced the same SNAFU. Suggest you alter the website functionality to NOT allow sale of VIP tickets on days you are closed.
James M.

Not as advertised. Half the pumpkins were plastic and none of the fun activities were as described. Waste of money.
Allison D.

What a waste of time and money. We go every year to the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence RI, so we have a basis for comparison. Unlike Roger Williams, this was all FAKE pumpkins. Literally, there were maybe 8 pumpkins per “”scene””‘ in the first row that were real…and they were ROTTING (yeah, you have to constantly replace real pumpkins as this is what happens!). All the rest were some plastic made-in-China garbage. We bought our tix from their website for 30% off…saw them on Groupon for less and now they are on sale for 40% off. Hmmmm…Why so cheap now? Because. It. Was. A. Joke. Go to Roger Williams – there are more than 5,000 intricately carved REAL pumpkins (and yes, they replace them throughout the month of October so that you get the “”full”” experience). Even with the 30% off this farce was more expensive than seeing the real thing.”
C. R.

Total waste of time and money. The time you purchased the tickets for didn’t matter whatsoever. There was a long line to get into the pumpkin trail. Online tickets didn’t state that the VIP tickets were not only for “”any date/time”” but also a designated fast line. The attraction itself was garbage. The carvings were great, lots of talent, but there wasn’t much to “”awe”” about. I felt as though the park should’ve been decorated better, not just the trail. We went opening weekend and the pumpkins that were real, were already rotting. As for the “”Halloween treats”” where were those located? Online description was not true to what was offered. I would never go back here nor would I recommend anyone to buy tickets. It was terrible!”
Alexis V.

I had a great time with my husband. We went on our 21st anniversary and loved it.
Alexandra T.

You exceeded our expectations — really fantastic displays and very well organized. We didn’t have to wait too long and there were just enough other activities. We plan to attend again next year!
Laurie F.

Nice concept. A lot less crowded than other places. But for $28 for adults and $24 for children, i just don’t think it was worth the price. All the staff we came across was extremely pleasant. It was clean. I’m really just comparing it to Jack ‘O Lantern spectacular at the Roger Williams Zoo. Roger Williams only being $18 a ticket, a way longer venue with food and drink stands while you walk. Plus, the pumpkins were real. Every pumpkin that we came across here was fake. So that was kind of a downer. Also, they said it should be around a 45 minute walk. Slowly walking, with a child, we were literally done in 15 minutes… so all in all, I just don’t think it was worth the money.
Corinne B.