Thank you to all our guests that attended Jack O’ Lantern Journey this year, and those that took the time to share their experience. 

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Below are some of the reviews that captured the essence of the exhibit!

Look forward to seeing you in 2019!

This jack O’ Lantern walk went above and beyond my expectations. I was blown away by the displays and it really got me excited for the upcoming holiday season. I also really loved how this display was truly suitable for all ages. I will definitely return next year and highly recommend everyone to check it out!
Mackenzie G.

This was an amazing experience. It surpassed our expectations. We intend to bring a large group of people next year. Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment.
Kyle C.

Amazing. I was not expecting this journey to be as wonderful as it was. Being the first year, I was not expecting to be so decorative as it was. Above and beyond for the first year. Such talent was shown through out the journey. Looking forward to next year.
Theresa O.

The Jack O’ Lantern Journey at the Franklin Park Zoo was Amazing!! Each section brought a new surprise for us all! From all the amazing carved pumpkins, to the beautiful colored lights, to the snow, zoo animal pumpkins and facts and underwater bubbles!! You even had my Alma Marta – Northeastern represented on a pumpkin! Loved watching the pumpkin carver creating new designs live – he was incredible! Thanks for our NEW Family Tradition!
Deborah V.

We went on the very last day on 11/10 thanks to the extended date It was extremely cold and even if the weather was not ideal, it was a WONDERFUL journey. The little ones loved it, the grown-ups even more. Now that we have discovered this special event, we will go back again and again.
Deborah O.

This was beyond my expectations. The exhibits were fun and creative – my daughter loved it and had asked to go back several times. My friend and I also enjoyed it very much. Will definitely do again next year!
Katelyn B.

Amazing … enjoyable for all ages .. thanks for the experience and all your efforts
Sama E.

The set up and the creativity was amazing!! My kids (13&9) absolutely loved it! Definitely will do it again next year!
Ingrid R.

It was such an amazing experience for my 7 year old son who was fascinated by all the pumpkins, particularly the dinosaurs that he loves so much.
Larissa G.

Way better than I anticipated. I was dreading coming here with 6 kids but it was an awesome time. Kids 2-16 had an enjoyable night. Would go back again next year.
Stephen S.

It was a very cool experience, all of the carved pumpkins were amazing, and the different themes throughout the park kept your interest the whole time.
Amanda P.

This was a WONDERFUL experience that exceeded my expectations! I can’t wait until next year!
Melinda W.

My children and I had a blast! The pumpkins were so creative and sophisticated. We will definitely be going next year!
Medina J.

It was so beautiful. The kids and adults loved it. This may be a new yearly tradition for us!
April B.

We loved the Jack O’ Lantern Journey at Franklin Park Zoo!! There were many themes with carved pumpkins, from under the sea to the planets! Huge animal carvings from multiple pumpkins! The entire journey was so magical!!
Nancy O.

Fantastic show! We had a big group of 14 people – all ages – and everyone was impressed and amazed. The displays are incredible and the experience is immersive. Some of us are heading back this weekend to see it for a second time!
Geralyn M.

I went a few days after Halloween with my boyfriend and a family friend who is deaf and blind but can see and LOVES bright lights in the dark. I wasn’t expecting much other than some cool displays, but I was 100% wrong. Cannot wait to go again next year. The staff were incredibly friendly and upbeat, the displays were unbelievable and I loved the themes (even though Berkeley College of music , my Alma mater, wasn’t a pumpkin with the Boston schools! ). The path is accessible for all abilities and the displays vary in being very close or further away. Some displays had music and other props, like bubbles, that made it even more fun. Soooo many photo opportunities from the moment you walk through the gates…gotta capture the memories! Wonderful wonderful experience….highly recommend.  
Kathleen P.

Me and my kids really enjoyed this event. The pumpkins were so cool and the different colors were fun.  I’m glad the trail wasn’t on the main areas too made it more enjoyable past the treeline. My kids really loved the Disney carvings and my daughter enjoyed the butterfly ones. I really liked the haunted cemetery section. Will return next year. 
Ryan K.

Really nice way to spend an evening whether to take the kids out for a nice walk, to take the grandparents on a nice stroll or to take a date out or make a great Fall date night! The path is easy to walk, displays range from singing pumpkins, dinosaurs to rock and roll stars. There’s something for everyone including pumpkins to buy or snacks after the walk. Definitely want to do it again next year.
Diane F.